Friday, March 25, 2011

Pulling Down the Moon - Acupuncture

Acupuncture was AMAZING!  When I walked in the room where my treatment was going to take place, there was soothing music and dim lighting with what looked like a very comfy bed with warm pink blankets.  Also, being that it was held at FCI – Naperville, I felt extremely cozy in this familiar environment.  I felt extremely comfortable with Jonathan from Pulling Down the Moon!  He explained everything from my medical history to my present state.  Since this is an IVF patient foundation, he had such knowledge on treatments and stresses my body is facing.  I loved the fact that he knew so much about IVF.  I filled out all the intake forms and we talked briefly before we started my treatment.  We started with my first technique and I have to say I was not nervous about any needles.  I think being an IVF patient takes any needle phobia away!  Heck, I did not even feel them go in!  ha I am so de-sensitized at this point!  While I laid in my deep state of meditation I noticed two instances where I felt I was relieved of stress significantly!  I was not sure what I would feel, but at two instances during today’s treatment, I felt something so relaxing that I have never felt before.  Words cannot explain it.  I now understand the “balance” that I read about.  When the needles are put into you, you will know what that “balance” they are referring to!   You can actually feel this balance!  Also, the dim lighting and soothing music makes your mind drift to another place….I guess a happy place because I had happy visions!  It was such an amazing first experience.  Jonathan gave me three things to do at home in the interim until we meet again next week.  I liked his insight and background information on his reasoning for giving me my to-do list.  I felt he was very knowledgeable on this topic and I can not wait to continue working with him!    I am going to continue my acupuncture treatments weekly!  I can’t wait to see it and when it affects my next cycle!  J

If you are considering acupuncture and are currently in IVF treatments, look into Pulling Down the Moon!  

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  1. I am so glad that you enjoyed your first acupuncture session. It is truly wonderful!