Sunday, April 15, 2012

20-week Anatomy Scan

Report from Thursday's Appointment:

Thursday I had my 20-week anatomy scan to check on the growth and development! The doctor checked for all the organs to make sure they were present and located in the correct location! Everything was there and accounted for! Phew! Hannah was in a good position for pictures! ...Miss Photogenic! Our Hannah Banana was loving the always! Hannah weighs 11oz.

Hannah rubbing her eye.

Avery was turned upside down and was hiding behind the umbilical cord...not good for picture-taking...hopefully she flips by the next appointment so we can get a better look at our Avery. The tech tried her best to get the best picture possible today. Avery weighs 13 oz.

Avery hiding behind cord.

Both babies are head down right now and they are facing each other. The only thing separating them right now is the membrane otherwise they would be giving each other Eskimo kisses.

Cervical length is 4.5 and anything from 3-4 is normal, so we are in GREAT shape and no pre-term labor in the near future! :)!!!

After this appointment, I felt even closer to them. It is unbelievable how much you bond with your baby(s) at this time! I feel like I already know them and can't wait to hold them!

The doctor did notice my swollen left ankle and said she wanted to do a doppler venous ultrasound on my entire leg to check for any clots. Everything came back negative for clots so I have been ordered to wear supportive socks for the rest of the pregnancy to help with the swelling. On our way out, the tech handed me a CD with all the pictures from our session that day! How amazing and what a wonderful souvenir! I swear I couldn't stop looking at the pictures from the second I got home!! I was in awe!

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  1. Yay! These are great pictures! I love it and I'm so super happy everything and everyone is in good shape!