Sunday, December 18, 2011


Well, we got our good news that we have been waiting 1 year to hear! Our beta was 248.7 on 8dp5dt!  That is a nice and strong beta! Our morning started long before our beta though....

I woke up at 7am...early to bed early to rise...I fell asleep early the night before by the Christmas tree. When I woke up in bed, I thought should I! I stopped myself...I cant possibly see ANOTHER negative on those stupid hpts!  An experience I knew all too well.  Some of my worst IVF memories include those stupid sticks! I looked at Pat while he was sleeping...I laid there for another hour praying/meditating and decided I am just going to do it but will need Pat's help because I am not that strong! I said Pat I am going to take a test...he responded no...why would you do that?  I said ok fine I won't... (he was right, I turn into a crazy person). About 10 minutes later he said you can take a pee and I will go and look at the results...I agreed with reluctance...

I walked to the bathroom and opened my last hpt from our cycle last february...I did the deed and tried to get myself out of there as fast as humanly possible.  To much surprise, before I could make my getaway...there was that beautiful 2nd line!  It appeared within seconds!  Quick and dark!  I started to shake as I lifted it up and yelled "Pat...I am pregnant!" I ran into our bedroom and showed Pat the stick and he both started to cry and hugged!  We felt this can't be happening! This is not our lives...Pat said get your shoes on we are going to Rush Hospital downtown to the lab (where Pat works) to run the beta.  One of the perks to hubby working in a hospital medical lab! :)  A Beta is the test doctors run to see how high the pregnancy hormone is in your blood indicating if it is a viable pregnancy. We were both so excited and couldn't stop shaking of pure joy! 

An hour later Pat had one of his co-workers draw my blood and run the test.  In the meantime, Pat enjoyed a coffee as we walked through the hospital as my blood vial sat in the machine so we could get the results immediately! We made phone calls as well!  We returned back to the lab and Pat said to wait in the break room as he grabbed the results from the machine.  My beta was 248.7 at 8dp5dt! Pat was fist pumping in the lab when he first picked up the report and said Katie you have to read this...I looked at it and I said...holy cow!!!  No way!!!  This is a VERY high beta!  yowzers!

We are over the moon....we are PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It feels amazing to be on the other side...Please keep praying for a healthy pregnancy!  We are proof that miracles do happen everyday! What an amazing Christmas miracle. God is good! :)


  1. Congratulations!!!! :) An absolute Christmas miracle! :) Woo-hoo!

  2. OMG!!! Katie!!! I have tears in my eyes!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!! I got goosebumps reading this! YOU DESERVE IT SO MUCH! YAYYYYYY!!!! Very Merry Christmas Miracle indeed! CONGRATULATIONS Katie and Pat!!!! xoxoxo!

  3. YAY!!! I am so thrilled for you both!! I've been stalking your blog for an update and I am so happy to have seen this today!! I have been praying for you both since the last time I posted!! I am so happy! Your beta is indeed high!! Hopefully this means TWO Christmas miracles!! My hubby and I found out last week at FCI that we are expecting a duo ourselves!! Keep us posted girl!! We are pulling for you here in Gurnee!!!

  4. Congratulations!! That is so exciting that you are pregnant!! I just started reading your blog - I am a patient of Dr. S as well and I just had an IUI today. It is so exciting that you got such great news! I'm so happy for both you and your husband! Congratulations again!

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