Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cycle 2, New Season, New Beginnings...

On to Cycle #2....

Pat and I feel so much stronger these past few weeks.  We have grown closer and stronger as a couple.  As a couple, we have worked through all our emotions that we were not expecting to have to work through.  We had our time of grief and sadness, but have mustered up our energies to be focused on our next cycle which we are very excited to embark on!!!  We have such a good feeling about our next cycle!  Winter is over, and Spring has arrived with new beginnings...(Hopefully bringing us the good news we have been waiting for! )

As part of our game plan with Cycle #2, we are adding in Acupuncture and one-on-one yoga sessions.  Beth Heller and Tami Quinn reached out to me from Pulling Down the Moon this week to inform me of these holistic fertility treatments to add to my regimen to increase my chance of success.  I have always heard about this being mentioned in fertility blogs and mentioned occasionally by Dr. Uhler and Shanon, RN.  I was not too sure about it during Cycle #1.  I was still doing some research and realized the costs associated with it that deterred me from going through with it.  I thought, if Cycle #1 was not successful, I would consider adding acupuncture and yoga to my regimen.  Beth Heller and Dr. Uhler mentioned that research has proven acupuncture to increase our chances for success.  So of course I am going to try it this time!  No more thinking about it!  Pulling Down the Moon was featured on WGN News recently and everything that Beth and Tami talked about on their special in regards to success was repeated verbatim by Dr. Uhler and Shanon, RN.  I am excited to start!  I have heard from other patients who added this to their regimen and shared how it changed their luck with phases of their cycles!  We have been told this could be our missing piece to the puzzle.  Acupuncture starts weekly starting next week!!!  Pulling Down the Moon will be coming to FCI - Naperville to do my weekly treatment which will be so convenient!  Yay!!  I recently purchased Beth and Tami's book "Fully Fertile" from  I have heard it is such a great tool from other patients and is a must read.  As soon as I start reading more, I will share my thoughts on it.  However, after meeting both Tami and Beth, I am inspired at the wisdom and attitudes.  They are such dolls!  Truly remarkable women in every aspect!  So I am anxiously anticipating starting their book coinciding with my treatment!  Please follow this link to see all services offered by PDtM.  They offer so many great holistic treatments to help women who face this battle.

Not only am I adding these two strong components, I am also adding another expert from Denver, CO (Dr. Eric Surrey from CCRM) from the #1 clinic in the country to consult on our case.  Dr. Uhler said she did her fellowship with him years ago and would really respect his opinion on our case.  She said she does not see many 24 year olds without ovaries due to cancer and with my hormone history, but if anybody has seen anything even close to me, he would!  CCRM handles all the cases that are deemed impossible.  They have many case studies and medicine regimens that could benefit us immediately and CCRM may have our best regimen.  The FCI team feels that this is going to be one of the major pieces to my puzzle and that I should feel real confident with this next cycle.  CCRM + FCI is the absolute best!  Nobody feels that our case is impossible, but Dr. Uhler wants to bring in the "big guns" right away!  And as her patient, I admire that she is reaching out to another expert to work closely with a team!  No more trial and error...We are going to work as a team to find success!  This is also a huge component to Cycle #2. 

As always, Keep us in your prayers as we move forward...we have all our meds ordered and delivered, acupuncture scheduled, yep!  We....Are....Ready....

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  1. One of the many great things I can say about FCI is the willingness to collaborate with other experts in the field. The FCI focus is on the patient and whatever it takes to bring together the best physicians.

    We also consulted with CCRM but our best decision was to remain in the care of our FCI RE.

    Acupuncture could radically change this cycle for you. I dont know what I would do without it.