Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fun to Come!

With time flying by us so quickly, I grow more and more excited for what is to come! Again, I still do not feel this is real even though I am carrying around a rotund belly that grows by the day! I have been told I won't believe the babies are ours until I am holding them in the hospital. It is probably true! I do try to make time to bond with them on a daily basis. I rub my belly for at least 20 minutes every night before I go to bed. I can't wait until they start kicking back at me! It is a few short weeks away! I have heard from my other preggo friends that is one of the best parts of pregnancy....Can it get any better!?

In March, I have 3 ultrasounds!! 1 with the periontologist, 1 with the OB and one to determine gender at stork snapshots (if need-be!) yay! It feels like an eternity between scans! In April, Pat and I will be going to get a 3D/4D ultrasound with one of my auntie-in-laws, Kathy, who is an OB/GYN! We will be driving to Detroit to make it a special experience being read by a close family member! How fun!!!Which will also be followed by a baby shower that same weekend! The first of several to come! What a fun weekend planned! So much fun to look forward to! Did I marry into the BEST family or what?!?!

Pat and I are starting our baby registry slowly but surely! Moms have reached out to me to help guide me on what to get so we don't get 2 of everything especially when we don't need to! I am actually surprised on how little we need double of...it really is just some items. Who knew?! I am glad I know moms of twins to help with these types of questions! We are on the fence about where we are registering. As of right now, I know amazon.com and either Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby. Pat and I have to do a bit more browsing in both stores before we make our decision. We are having so much fun browsing and starting to make decisions on furniture, etc! I love how enthusiastic Pat gets at the baby store!

August can't come soon enough! I can't wait to meet our miracle babies!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feelings on Genders

I am now in my 13th week and feeling pretty good! I have been experiencing alot of stretching in my uterine area. Mainly it comes after meal times...At times, it can get intense. I was in bed over the weekend, and could not lie still! Pat asked if everything was ok and I said yeah, but I can feel some type of growing pain going on in there. The doctor said I may feel some discomfort once I start growing and she was right! I am def feeling it! Overall, it is tolerable and makes me feel good things are progressing forward. All these physical feelings are just a miracle in itself. I love every pain, discomfort, ache, etc. Pregnancy is just so amazing!

As for finding out the gender, we have our gender scan appointment scheduled in lombard at stork snapshots in March! Pat and I were thinking about having a "Gender Reveal" party with our close family and friends as kind of a fun way to share the happy news with everybody. I found some neat ideas on Pinterest and was getting excited about planning a party, but then realized we may find out while BOTH our parents were on vacation for Spring Break. So we opted to invite the grandparents to our gender scan appointment to hear the news with us. (Aunts and Uncles are welcome to join as well!) So no gender reveal party, but will have a fun, exciting experience learning the news together. Also, we will be sharing the names once we hear the news! Until then, our lips are sealed! :)

As for my feelings on what the genders are....hmmm...well I have been feeling more on the boy level...(I know, I am all over the place!) I am still feeling boy/girl quite strongly. Time will tell! I am getting more and more anxious to find out the genders to start shopping for clothes/nursery items and getting our registry started! Oh the excitement of it all...Summer just can't come soon enough!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Maternity Pants

I caved in and bought maternity pants yesterday afternoon. I think the tipping point was on Friday night after our date night Pat said "umm...You are either packing on the pounds in your stomach area, or you are starting to show." --the gentle words of my husband.... I think I needed to hear it from somebody else other than myself because I was just going to continue to be uncomfortable in my regular pants until it was noticeable to the outside world. In fact, I am actually happy he said that because I am now in my magic pants that make me feel AMAZING! No more discomfort for this girl!

Pat had a special Valentine's Day surprise planned for Saturday in the city, so I am glad I had some dress pants that now fit me to wear out! We decided to start our pictures to show the gradual growth on our way out the door. We had such an AMAZING day! It was the first weekend in a long time where I was able to stay out longer than 30 min without having to come home and rest and nap. Also, I am able to eat again without feeling sick! I think we both got so excited we were out from 8:30am-2pm, then 4:30-8. Needless to say, I was in bed at 10pm snoozing away and woke up 11 hours later! (minus the 2 middle of the nights run to pee...can't forget how fun those are!) The further along I get, the more I pee! Who knew!
2nd trimester starts next week! I am so looking forward to finding out the genders of what is inside of me and to feel some movement in there! So much to look forward to!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pants are getting tighter...

Well I am 11w2d pregnant and am noticing my pants are getting more snug this week in my waistline!! :)Nothing too noticeable to the outside world yet, but it is noticeable to me.  My co-workers are stunned I am still not showing because there are 2 in there, but apparently, this is normal.  Most people don't start showing with twins until 12 weeks or more with their first pregnancy.  I can tell when I sit down especially. My poor pants... maybe we should go buy some maternity pants to have on standby for what is to come. I think the next few weeks should be interesting in the growing department. I have a feeling it is just going to catch me off guard...time to start looking for styles and sales! :)

As of right now, my co-workers have started a gender poll. So that has been fun. It is interesting to hear what people feel I am going to have. They are taking my symptoms, my physical appearance, and anything else goofy you can think of and factoring it. It has been entertaining...as of right now the majority of all votes have been 1 of each. It is almost unanimous. As for me and my guesses, I really do not know! I thought I had such a strong feeling on the whole 1 of each thing, but I don't know anymore...I have been having lots of baby dreams lately all of which are different genders. I guess as of right now, I have no guess. hmmm....the mystery lives on...we plan on finding out in March. Being that I see an OB and a specialist (periontologist) I get double the ultrasounds, so I am figuring a gender scan at an outside ultrasound vendor won't be necessary. It looks like we will be seeing doctors twice in March. Also, I think we are strategically going to schedule them. ;-)  If all else fails, we will schedule a gender scan appointment. Either way, we just can't wait to call them by their names instead of "Baby A" and "Baby B".

My symptoms are slowly starting to drift away...Eating has not been such an obstacle this week! Which makes me even that much more excited for Pat and my "Valentine's Day Surprise" in the city this weekend! (I can't wait!!!) I hope this means clear skies are ahead! Tuesday marks the beginning of our 2nd trimester (time is flying!!), which means the nausea and fatigue should slowly start getting better! yahoo!!

I will have more updates soon...(maybe even some pictures?)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

10.5 weeks and Nursery Ideas

We are now nearing the end of the first trimester, and I can't wait to see (and feel) what is ahead! This past week has been pretty rough...I was confused because I thought maybe I was getting hit with a bug, but the more I thought about it the more it didn't connect.  Food was just not agreeing with me AT ALL!  Every meal was (and still is) a chore!  I am scared to eat because I know how it is going to make me feel.  I have a taste for NOTHING. At this point, I am eating what keeps me from feeling sick.  I am mainly sticking to finger foods, soup, bagels, and anything else that doesn't make my stomach turn.  I read this is pretty normal especially for this stage, so I am sticking it out because I only have a couple more weeks of these feelings!  The doc says just eat what you can, when you can.  I eat for these little babies. I know they are taking so much from me right now because their growth spurts are so significant right now.  It is amazing how fast they grow! I cant believe each ultrasound we get!  They are so amazing!!  Pat calls/texts me what I eat so he knows if maybe he needs to pick things up from the store or take out if need be. If this is the worst, I will be fine! This is no big deal, in fact, I dreamed of having these feelings one day. My dream as a child was to experience all of pregnancy and what it entails. I am privileged to experience it all. I am a very lucky girl.  Pat has been AMAZING through this! He has picked me up food at every hour of the night, stayed in on our date nights (even though he hates staying in because our days are now numbered!), and letting me just talk about my feelings as they surface.  He is a great partner through this and the more I see and learn about him makes me feel even luckier to have him as my husband.

We woke up this morning, and Pat said jump in the shower we are going to Babies R Us.  I said Really? Why?  He said he wants to just look around, get some ideas for the nursery, maybe find some cute twin things, etc. I said OK! I like that idea! After we get dressed and out the door, we drive over to Naperville to browse.  Pat was looking at the bedding and was HOOKED on having a "Pirate Party" bedding if we have a boy. If we have a girl, he wants to "tutu cute" set. Of course all having to do with animals...mainly monkeys! We were most definitely getting a little silly at the store because I couldn't stop laughing. He was so cute looking at it all and making "his selections".  I said, well what if we have 1 of each? They have to match! He said No! haha Oh boy, I am smiling as I type this because we had so much fun at the store together! We still are undecided , but Pat wants are well-known to me now. I shared my favorite and of course he said no...haha! Oh we still have time. Nothing will be decided until we know the genders anyways. Until then, we are just having fun with it.  We then moved over to the car seats and stroller section, of course Pat picked out the car seats and stroller he wants. (He does the research check and I do the "where can we get the best price" check.) It's teamwork at its finest.  The more we shopped together I just watched his face as he browsed and tried out some products, and I am so excited to see him as a dad. He is going to be such a great dad.  He warms my heart.

My last OB appointment was last week. They have arms and legs now! When the doc was moving the ultrasound around, he said wow, your babies are active now! All I saw were arms and legs moving around in there. It was so amazing and unbelievable. This is all just such an amazing miracle. Baby B is laying right on top of Baby A now.  Will go for next scan in less than 2 weeks! The doctor said after reading my medical history that "You can come in whenever you want, just call and set an appointment, You have already been through so much, you can see your babies anytime you want." I love this doctor!!  This meant alot to me, and I have already taken him up on his offer!

As for belly progress, I can tell I am growing just by the way my clothes feel, but most people can't tell yet. Nothing too pronounced yet, but I can definitely tell when I am changing or in the shower. I am thinking it is still bloat at this time thought because I am reading the babies are measuring at 1-1.5 inches now.

One of Pat's aunts is an OB/GYN in Detroit and wants to do a 3d/4d ultrasound scan on us! We are working on scheduling that right now at an optimal time so she can see the babies and have a wonderful experience with us! How lucky we are! and how fun it is!! :)

Sorry I have been slacking a bit, but this week has been the hardest so far! I promise it will be more frequent as things surface! Until then...I'll probably be sleeping! :)