Sunday, April 3, 2011

CCRM opinion and Fertility Yoga

I had my 2nd opinion from CCRM in Denver last week.  Looks like his opinion will be executed here in Chicago under the care of my current doctor (and his good friend) Dr. Uhler.  He holds Dr. Uhler in such a high regard...he had so many positive things to say about her.  He said that I am in the best hands here in Chicago.  He did say that if I were being treated anywhere else in the city he would have advised me to see FCI!  How amazing is that to hear from a pioneer in the infertility field!!  He seems confident in his plan for us!  We are very excited to try it!  It really does make sense and I am relieved to hear his optimism and certainty in me!  It is always very reassuring to hear such confidence!  I was so nervous for what he was going to say because it could have been anything.  I really did not know what to expect so I went into the consult with an extremely open mind...very nervous and excited!  I have been looking forward to it all month!  Looks like we will be starting earlier than we thought!  He concluded that it is too premature for me to undergo a biopsy.  He does not find me as the ideal candidate for that test at this point as he has something different in mind!  He doesn't feel that the biopsy would come out abnormal.  He does not think that was the problem the first time around...I loved hearing his thoughts and most of all his explanation on the very nitty gritty details on my case.  He made me feel like he has seen this before and knew exactly what was happening.  He did say that this science has no guarantees, but he feels really strong about my case and it ending in success.  He said to be real aggressive at this point.  He is sending a report of our conversation to Chicago to Dr. Uhler and we can use his ideas for my next cycle!  In the meantime, I will be continuing acupuncture and yoga to prepare my mind and body for the real deal!  Ahh!!  :)

Today, I had my one-on -one session at Pulling Down the Moon with Beth Heller.  First of all, she is a remarkable women with such a great attitude.  It is people like her who truly get you to feel anything is possible if you just believe.  My first visit to the River North location was great!  I did get some deja vu from my last transfer experience as it is next door to FCI, but we will be back soon, but this time ending in a better ending!!  :)  Being it was my first yoga session ever, I did not know what to expect.  I have bought Beth and Tami's book, "Fully Fertile" to get a better grasp of what yoga was all about straight from the experts.  Infertility is alllll about reading to become an expert on just comes with the territory!  I learned alot today!  Beth was very patient with me.  She explained everything!  Every pose we did, pertained directly to my needs.  There are particular poses and breathing techniques that will help me on my infertility journey.  I loved that my session was one-on-one with Beth because I really felt we really tuned into my particular needs.  She knows all about my story and my case at this point so she already knew where to start and how to go about the entire session.  We were working for 90 minutes in the yoga studio!  Time flew by!  I really felt my mind drift to an entirely different place!  The poses made my body stretch into poses I have never moved in before.  Beth advised me to do the poses and breathing techniques at least three times a week at home.  Trust me, I will!  I want them to become more natural and more fluent!  Also, I LOVED the lavender oil Beth used during our session!  I have been doing some reading and have read that the scent of lavender is related to stress relief!  That is why I have lavender scented Yankee Candle candles all over our home!  haha Love love love LAVENDER!  All in all, I have been extremely impressed with PDtM!  They have helped me tremendously with getting my mind and body in check for our next cycle!  Check out their services!  They are there to help women in our boat!  They are experts and know exactly how to help!  Trust me it is the best thing you can do for yourself and your future family!  Check them out and set something up!  Treat yourself, you deserve it!

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  1. Buy the lavender eye pillow!! It is my favorite thing ever! :)