Monday, October 25, 2010

My First PIO Injection

So I took my first progesterone shot yesterday afternoon!  I am planning on doing them at night, but I could not have gone through the entire day being a worried wreck!!  Especially because it was the first time doing an injection.  OMG – it was NOTHING….no pain at all…blood tests are worse and I don’t think blood tests are bad.  Seriously I was worrying over nothing!!!  I didn’t even use the EMLA cream to numb the area that they prescribed me.  Pat said to try the first time without the cream just so I had a baseline of pain...Just so I would know what the worse it could be!  Pat was actually excited to give me the shot…he was smiling.  He is studying needles and tests at school right now.  I made him watch the informative video they instructed us to wtch right before.  He felt like he was doing a medical procedure on me.  We set up everything in the bathroom and I sterilized like CRAZY!  I could’ve slapped him bc my knees were shaking I was so nervous!  He was loving it.  I was being such a big baby.  Pat just couldn't stop laughing at me!   He said OK - I am going to count to three...1...2...3...boom!  He said you will feel some pressure bc he had a hard time injecting the think oil out of the tiny needle.  For 1 cc, it took a solid 10 sec just to give you an idea.

Don’t read everything online about the PIO shots. I use a 25 gauge needle which is a pediatric needle and it isn’t painful at all.  I could do it everyday if need be.  Not that I would want to but just to give you an idea of the pain tolerance.  Plus my booty was a tad bit sore from the intramuscular shot later in the day walking up stairs and what not, but nothing to stress on….it wasn’t a big deal at all.  The muscle pain is the only mild discomfort of the entire process but is 100% tolerable.  My advice - do not listen to everthing you read online about the PIO shots.  They are not a big deal at all!  What a huge relief!!

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  1. girl I am so glad to hear they yours went well! Mine hurt like nobodys business! Good thing you have your own medical pro giving you your shots, I had to do mine myself and it was not easy....-Jackie R