Monday, October 4, 2010

1st Trial Cycle of Hormones

Today concludes the end of my first trial cycle.  I can't believe how much work and emotions get involved!  First of all, the hormone regimen I was put on was very aggressive.  I noticed getting emotional and moody over the course of the first trial cycle.  God Bless Pat.  hahaha He is quite the trooper!  I could not be more blessed to have such a patient and kind partner through all this.  My life revolved around a calendar all month.  I never had a medication regimen quite as strict as this ever in my life.  Plus with hormones, it is very exact.  Missing medications throws everything off!  Now that I am finished with my first trial, I know what I will feel like at every point.  Before, I was oblivious to how I would feel.  I just jumped in, head first.  I feel this 2nd run will be a lot better because I have had a month of practice! 

As for the 2nd trial cycle, they are adding progesterone oil injections.  This does not sound fun at all.  I have to keep thinking to myself this is for future Baby Davis...  I know it will get me through the injections of the thick oil… it has already gotten me through so much already through the IVF process.  Everything revolves around the dream Baby Davis.  Pat is looking forward to sticking me because he is learning blood work in his graduate school curriculum presently so he feels very doctor-esque at the moment.  Haha plus its payback for the mood swings!  Haha Nah he will be kind and gentle I am sure.

I feel very positive about what is to come with this 2nd trial!  I am remaining very optimistic for the future and most of all strong in my spirits.   Not every night is easy, but the payoff is going to be 150% worth it I am sure!

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