Friday, October 15, 2010

PIO (Progesterone in oil) injections

As part of the 2nd trial of hormones, I was instructed to incorporate PIO injections into the cycle.  Before I had a pill now to be replaced with shots.  Just as all new patients to the fertility world, I am nervous to start trying it, yet eager to be an expert on it.  I have been doing tons of research, asking friends who have been through this already, nurses, etc. on tips to do this not only correctly but with minimal pain because I will have to do this EVERYDAY for days/weeks/ or even months!!!  The injection is not just a typical liquid injection, it is an oil.  It takes awhile longer to inject through into your muscle.  The oil must be injected intramuscularly (IM)!!  Fantastic…sounds fun right? Haha Lucky for me, I have Pat to assist me.  I know I could prob inject myself if I HAD to, but he is very willing to do it for me.  He is intrigued by this whole process, of course saddened by it, yet intrigued and inspired!  The injections must be in your upper quadrant of your butt.  Yes, my butt.  Ugh…everyday!  The needle itself is very big and long.  I am overwhelmed with reading on the topic of these injections just to hear from the millions of people out there who have done this as part of their regime to hear every detail about them.  I feel like an expert and I have not even tried it yet….thank god we live in a society with youtube videos and infinite articles online!  I know I sound like a huge baby and this will seem like nothing in a few days, weeks, months, or however long I will need this to be in my cycle regime….but for now it is new and I am getting nervous…haha  This is one of those times where I say…this is all for Baby Davis which will make every prick/blood test/procedure/dr. appt 100% WORTH IT!

I will let everybody know how it goes!!  If you have any tricks of the trade or just some sound advice on the side effects. PLEASE share!!  I would love to hear thoughts!

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  1. I just started mine on Thursday. I was terrified and sick of needles by this point. I was shocked to not find them painful at all. I told the nurse this the day of the transfer and she was shocked. She asked my husband if he had a trick, like icing me before. Nope. I think the key is that he gets the needle in fast, like throwing a dark. I think there is more pain if you hesitate or put it in slowly.
    Best of luck!!