Thursday, August 4, 2011

Should I or Shouldn't I? ...that is the question.

With the turn into a new month, the last month of summer, I thought I better start getting things in order for our upcoming cycle, or at least make sure everybody involved was on the same page. I called our clinic and confirmed all appointments, made sure I was taking the correct medication to prime my uterus in the interim, etc.  After the formal call to get on the same page with our checklist of to-do items, I felt like all was ready.  Just now have to wait for the date...reminding myself that patience is a virtue.  :)  Before I hung up the phone with the Donor Egg Coordinator Nurse, I asked a question that I was unsure if i even wanted to ask...but I did.  I started by saying, "our egg donor" was never told the outcome of her previous cycle....and I am not sure if this is against any HIPPA violations, but we were wondering if we could know the outcome of that cycle.  (you could imagine my facial expression, I am sure).  She answered, well I don't know if that is a violation, but I am sure I could pull her file and word it to you in a way that wouldn't be a direct answer, but can maybe infer.  Also, she just finished donating a couple months ago, so the data is fresh and she would not need any more work-ups done prior to your cycle.  I thought OK - that's good, so what was the result of her last cycle?  I just wanted her to spit out the answer already...haha  she said she would be right back so she can read her chart...
About 30 seconds later as I was still questioning why I even opened this can of worms in the first place, she said, "Katie, I can tell you that the doctors here have ZERO reservations about her donating her eggs again in general.  She would be an EXCELLENT egg donor to choose.  Her egg quality was above average and she responded well to all the medications and produced an abundant amount of eggs for her previous cycle.  I responded, You made that sound like there were multiples!"  She just laughed and said.  "She would be the perfect egg donor for you Katie.  We have ZERO doubt".  ...and I was able to breathe again.  I am so glad I asked!  Makes me even more excited!

He knows I have a problem with the whole patience thing...
he would buy me a gift I can't open yet!  The suspense is growing..
He is my prana.

On a side note - Pat bought and wrapped a present that can't be opened until the day we find out we are pregnant.  I wonder what it could be!  Better question is - how am I not going to open it right now? 

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