Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chicago Tribune Article

Well, we got an email late last night with the link to the Chicago Tribune article.  It was pretty late but once I saw it on my iPhone I sat up to go get my laptop.  I tried to wake up Pat, but no luck...he was half asleep when I was talking to him or in the middle of a dream...not sure.  I just forwarded it to him bc he was waking up in a couple hours anyways.  I clicked the link and BOOM our picture pops up....I giggled.  Brought me back to the morning the photographer was in our home and we were laughing with him throughout the shoot.  The story was written nicely.  It was FULL of information!  Also - they seemed to take certain parts of our conversation and use them throughout the article.  It was nicely put together....I would expect nothing less from the Chicago Trib...nice work!  Here is the link to the article!  It will be in print tomorrow!  Don't forget to pickup a copy off newstands tomorrow!  We are stocking up!  This is our first and probably only time we will ever be in the Chicago Tribune.  On a funny note, we thought our baby is already a celebrity and he and/or she doesn't even know it yet... haha

Our Chicago Tribune Article

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