Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cha Ching!!!

Oh I felt this was worth happy!

I ordered all my meds and they are ready to go!  Viagra is part of my medicine protocol again this time around, but I am not sure if people know this, but Viagra costed us $1600 for our last cycle which was for 85 pills because it is still under patent in the US.  It was disgusting!  It was a definite blow to the stomach at the Walgreens pharmacy...the pharmacy tech even said ouch...haha I can laugh about it now in hindsight....

SO I did some research, and asked if I can order my meds from Canada because they are off patent and I can buy the generic.  It was approved!!  Dr. Uhler said that makes sense actually.  When she was working in California she had patients go to Mexico for meds.  However she feels Canada would be best in my case.  The US lags behind approximately 3 years when it comes to patent laws.  So we got 192 pills for $275 from a Canadian pharmacy!  Of course those who know me know I research EVERYTHING....I am no stranger to online shopping!!  So until I found a pharmacy I felt comfortable with and the prices were in a competitive range, I was holding off...that's just the savvy shopper in me.  And I then I found the place...we know our timeline so I made the accommodations and it was done!

We couldn’t believe it…I wish somebody would’ve shared that with me earlier…That just goes to show you that you have to do your own research!  There are loopholes to be found!  Hahaha

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