Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No Insurance Coverage :(

As my preliminary testing is over and Pat is just finishing up with his sperm analysis, we were informed my employer does not cover any IVF treatments.  We were very disheartened.  I couldn't even think about it.  I was down for a long time.  I could not believe I not only had to think of the possibility of the physical side of getting pregnant, but the financial side to getting pregnant as well!!!  It was such a bad day when we found out.  I couldnt stop crying about it for days, even weeks.  I felt like I got punched in the stomach.  Pat tried everything to make me feel better, but nothing was working.  I had no idea where to start with this new idea.

After a few days, I was determined to find something out there in this world that could maybe help us...I looked at cancer survivor websites and medical loan companies.  I could not believe the cost of infertility treatment!  The cost of our case estimated $25,000.  I thought "We will never have $25,000 just sitting around...that is a lot of money!"  On July 16, I was on the FCI facebook page and saw a post made by Todd Trader with a title of WIN A FREE IVF CYCLE.  My eyes lit up and I had a good feeling in my stomach.  I immediately clicked on the link to look further into it.  I opened up an application and filled it out as fast as I could because I saw at the bottom of the application that the due date for all applications was that day!!  I wanted so badly to be considered, but I knew our chances were slim to none!  As I was filling it out I felt a calmness come over me and a pure grace that I knew everything was going to be ok; just to be patient and have faith.  It was the strangest feeling, but somehow, someway, I felt an instant relief.

Through correspondence with Todd Trader, we found out via email on July 28 (the anniversary of my diagnosis of cancer/my mom's bday) at 8:28am that WE WERE SELECTED for the 2010 beneficiaries for Birdies for Babies!!!!!!!!!  Pat and I were jumping on the bed with joy!  We could not believe it!  I read the email 20 times and still didn't believe it!  Pat told me call Todd!  Make sure this is for real!  I called Todd to confirm and he said ..."you can get excited!"  haha I will never forget that morning.  That morning changed our lives forever!  I could not stop shaking with joy!  :)

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