Tuesday, June 12, 2012

29 Weeks...Am I really this far along?!

Today marks 29 weeks with the girls! I still can't believe that they could be here in 2 months! Wow!

Pat and I have so many fun things planned! Rewinding: Pat graduated this past weekend with his Masters Degree from Rush University downtown! He graduated top of his class! It was such a nice surprise! He truly deserved it with all the time and hard work he put into his studies over the past two years! I was beaming with pride for him! The day was fun! Family came in from all over to celebrate the day with us. It was nice to see everybody! We were out of the house from 8am to 830pm on Saturday. It was about 90 degrees that day as well. As you know, my swelling has always been an issue since 17 weeks...well, on Saturday, my legs looked like elephant legs! When I walked I feel like I had waterbeds for legs. I almost could feel the swooshing and tight pressures! It was not easy to say the least! One of my personal goals was to make it to Pat's graduation. I knew in the back of my mind, there was a possibility I would've been on bedrest or something more serious where I would not be able to see him walk across the stage. Luckily, I made it! I am so happy I did!

Also, NO GESTATIONAL DIABETES!!!!!!!!!! I had an initial screen done and it did come back a little high, but they did not want me to fast for it, so crazy me, enjoyed a chipotle burrito on my way to the doctor....well, surprise, surprise...it was just a little high, so I had to return for the 3-hour glucose tolerance test. I had that on Friday 6/8. I brought my mom with me to keep me company for the half day I devoted to this GTT. We had fun! The day actually wasn't as bad as I thought. 4 blood draws and poof we were out to lunch. SO happy the more thorough test came back normal! woo hoo!! one less complication to worry about!

As of right now, I am experiencing lots of swelling. Luckily I am able to wear my gym shoes to work so it helps keep me more comfortable to walk around. Also, back pain. Nothing too severe, but more bothersome than anything. Pat helps me by rubbing my legs/ankles and back at the end of the day. thank goodness! All in all, I have to say this pregnancy has been so great! (knock on wood!) I love the constant movements all day! I am going to miss feeling them all day! Especially today! They have been moving quite a bit! I do not know why! Also, yesterday I felt somebody have the hiccups! How amazing...it was a synchronized bounce! It was so cute! :)

Our baby shower is coming up and we feel so lucky to have such great friends and family joining us for the afternoon! We have already started receiving gifts through the mail! We love coming home and filling up our nursery with all the goodies we receive!! Maternity photos are coming up as well! I want to remember every second of this pregnancy for the rest of my life. What a gift we were given. I can't wait to see how the pictures come out. I even picked out a photographer for our newborn photos! AM I ahead of the game or what!!! haha My little princesses are going to be 2 spoiled little girls.  As for the nursery, it is coming along...piece by piece. We are hoping to have it done by the time of our maternity photos. I REALLY would like our pictures to be in their room! We will see if we make the deadline! :P

I know there was quite a bit to update, but life has been so busy, yet exciting! Things are changing on a daily basis! In my next post, I will post some pictures of all the fun happenings!


  1. Whoa! The fun and the excitment! Gotta love it all. Cherish the moments!

  2. I just found out that I am having twins! For days, I didn't believe it. Honestly, I am still in shock. I am so excited, considering it has taken me a long time to get pregnant. Your little girls are beautiful! I am so excited to decorate the nursery, and get things ready for them.


  3. Congrats! Your story definitely gives me hope :).