Friday, June 29, 2012

The Nursery!

The Nursery is DONE!!!! woo hoo! Pat did such a GREAT job building all the furniture! I had so much fun watching him throughout the process! It has been a lot of fun as piece by piece arrived to our house! It was fun to put a vision into reality! I LOVE just sitting in the girls' room and just staring and just imagining that two little babies will be here soon to fill it! Still feels surreal! Thank you to all our family and friends who helped us fill this room with not only baby goodies, but lots of love! Here are some pictures of the girls' nursery! :)


  1. Beautiful! :) LOVE the quote on the wall!

  2. It looks stunning!! Purple is my favorite color!! I loved the picture of your closet too...we are stocking up on diapers and sometimes I think we're crazy for having so many but seeing we're not alone makes me feel so much better!! Our girls will be here anyday now...hoping to make it 3-4 more weeks though for optimum "cooking time"....I am so excited for you two!! Many congrats to you!!!

  3. Love it! The girls are going to have so much fun in that room. Love how organzied the closet is!