Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mother's Day and 26 weeks!

The girls' take-home outfits from the hospital! I am in love with these!
Sorry it has been so long since my last entry...Pat and I have been pretty busy with everything going on lately! My newest niece Addilyn was born on May 9 and she is perfect and beautiful! Pat has been finishing up his Master's program and will be graduating June 9, so he has been pretty busy with final projects and end-of-the-year deadlines.  Can't believe his graduation is in a couple weeks! SO proud of him!

Our Girls!!

Also, my first Mother's Day where we had so much to celebrate! Pat had worked the third shift at the hospital so he got home VERY early (did not even hear him walk in) and jumped into bed with me and said Happy 1st Mother's Day.  I woke up for good at 7:30 (because that is sleeping in to me these days) and found a bouquet of flowers and sweet card on the kitchen island waiting for me. I could not stop smiling! I wanted to run upstairs and hug and kiss him but I knew he was probably exhausted from just working overnight, so I thought I could hold in my joy until at least noon.  He also, made reservations at Eddie Merlot's brunch. The babies love brunch! :)  Of course it was so special and they even gave me a flower because I am now a mother. It was such an amazing feeling! That flower had much more meaning than I think they realized. I was touched and blessed. My first mother's day was truly perfect and filled with so much joy! I remember the feelings I felt last May and now see where I am at this year and it is truly unbelievable! Next May will be even better! :)

25.5 weeks on one of these HOT days!

On a fun note, Pat and I have started the nursery!!!!!!!!! It is just so much fun! We have been getting early shower gifts from family and friends and realized we were filling up the nursery room so quickly with boxes we needed to take apart the guest bed and clean it to prepare it for our little girls. Pat has been surprising me by doing things while I am not at home. It is so sweet. I love it. Now that Pat is done with his deadlines, he can focus on building baby furniture! Don't worry, I will get pictures, but right now, the nursery is full of boxes and random room accessories. It truly will look amazing in a few weeks! For those who know me personally, know I am ALWAYS ahead of the game and on point. This nursery will be done in a jiffy! It is my hobby for the next few weeks! Updates to come! :P

Thank you for all your love and continued support! We Love all of you and would not have what we have today without all of you! We feel truly blessed everyday! Every day is a gift! I can't help but smile everytime I look in the mirror and see what I see now! I can't believe how AMAZING life can be. We are so lucky to have so mnay great people in our lives!

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