Monday, June 13, 2011

Transfer Day!

Uterus at 9mm with layers (1 week before transfer)

Transfer time has arrived!  My body has been cooperating better than everybody had expected it so things got moved up!  I was very happy with moving things up…of course!   Just to be 100% sure, Dr. Uhler had me visit her in Oak Brook to check my uterine lining that would be present less than 24 hours before the procedure just to be 100% sure.  She wanted everything to be perfect.  I measured in at 9.2mm and the lining was glowing. (as it should look from the progesterone injections).   It was primed and ready for transfer without a doubt.  She talked with the ultrasound tech and asked twice is this really happening?!  It was pretty funny at the time.  Dr. Uhler pulled me into her office before I left and said this is going to be our best chance.  We are going for it.  She mentioned we are going at it very aggressively being that my lining looks beautiful.  We are using my two strongest embryos with a plush lining.   She said that Dr. Lederer would be performing my transfer downtown as he is the doctor on call for our transfer date.  She told me he is excellent as he has been with FCI for 16 years.  I had no worries.  I have heard good things from friends about him!

Our hatching blastocysts. The top blast is already coming out of the shell.

Less than 24 hours later we find ourselves at FCI – River North in the lab room.  We got there on time (with a full bladder).  The Embryologist walked in and said our embryos thawed nicely and look gorgeous.  They also did “assisted hatching”.  It is a technique where they manipulate the shell and assist with hatching it out of its shell to improve chances of implantation.  Everything looked good on the lab end, which was very re-assuring as the embryo quality is huge in a successful outcome.  Dr. Lederer came in to introduce himself to us, and he started off by saying that Dr. Uhler had emailed him and said take extra special care of Kathleen Davis.  She is a very special patient.  Of course Pat and I laugh.  He told us that he went over my history and said that this cycle is the best my body has ever cooperated and that on paper this is the perfect opportunity to transfer.  He said my embryos were perfect.  They look very strong.  Again, I was reassured.  He did end by saying of course there is no guarantee in this science, but he feels very confident in my case.  That is just what we needed to hear.  He looks at both Pat and myself and said are you ready for show time?  And we nod to him…Pat and I look at each other and we could see in each other’s eyes this is going to be it.  Let’s get this party started.  He walks out for the last time as the nurse and embryologist set up the room.  Once room was transfer ready, the nurse opened the door and yelled out “Ready in Room 3”. 

Watching our embryos on the TV as we are seconds away from the procedure.
I lay back on the table and the nurse preps me.  They put the camera on the embryos in the lab so we can watch them.  One thing I noticed right away was that one of the embryos was already coming out of the shell.  Haha I know that is a great sign…It wants to implant very soon!  The doctor said yes, that is a great sign!   That is what we want to see.  This time the procedure differed a little it as it is a different doctor.  He went much more slower.  He explained everything he was doing as he was doing it.  He even instructed Pat on when to take pictures.  His voice was very calming and smooth.  He talked with such confidence…I loved it!   By the end of the procedure, he said, “Katie, I have been doing this for many years, and by the way the catheter moved around inside your cavity and where I was able to place the embryos, I have a hunch about this one that it will end successfully.”  I smiled so big and replied, “Really??”  He said “yes, I do.”  He listened for the embryologist to give the clear that the embryos were indeed out of the catheter and in my body.  He started to clean up.   He shook my hand as I was still lying down on the table and said best of luck to you.  He shook Pat’s hand and we were done.
waiting patiently (with a full baldder)

Pat getting excited.

The embryo transfer.

I walked next door to Pulling Down the Moon for post transfer acupuncture.  It was just what I needed!  The perfect end to a perfect transfer!  Now we wait for the pregnancy test!  Say a prayer for us! J

St. Gerard and St. Rita neckalce from my parents. St. Rita = Saint of Impossible Dreams, St. Gerard = Saint of Motherhood and Fertility.

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