Friday, May 20, 2011

The Science of Baby-Making

I am well on my way and loving life so far.  I am feeling fantastic, besides the first couple days I started my drugs.  The Viagra took me for quite a whirl.  I wasn’t expecting it…I should have seen it coming because I was on this drug before, but I think my mind-body was all over the place and I just felt yucky all the time and was immune to it.  How sad.  Now that I started fresh, with a renewed sense of what “normal” feels like, I can feel side effects more significantly.  Just for the record – Viagra causes BAD headaches and creates food aversions!  Being deprived from hormones for months, definitely hit my body hard the first couple days.  I felt a little woozy, but stronger than before!   Strange, I know.  I think my body loved it, but the Viagra definitely hit hard!  I am excited to see what exactly is going on in the baby-maker!  Haha Time will tell.

As I continue on this cycle, I have found so much comfort in my holistic approaches to treatment.  I feel it is getting me in the right mindset to tackle this beast of a process.  Not only is it helping by bringing my mind-body to an equilibrium, but aids in creating a successful body to work with on the medical side.  My previous shortcomings now are becoming less of a target as I felt before.  I have put less pressure on myself than before.  I have more faith in the process, God, and science. 

I have been doing acupuncture now for 2 months and it has changed me.  My stress has been minimized, something I was not expecting to the degree that is apparent…I sleep better, maintain healthier body functions, and have created a more cooperative body to work with for FCI.  I have also booked a massage with Cathy this Sunday at the River North location that is called, “Enhance the Blood” which I read at www.pullingdownthemoon.  This massage works on blood flow targeted to thickening of the uterine lining to prepare for pregnancy.  Being as how much I fell in love with acupuncture, I know I will not be disappointed with the massage.  They have created their own protocal of massages in a series.  Check it out!  It is called the FEM protocal. 

Plus, it is in the perfect location for spending a nice little afternoon in the city with my hubby!  We love spending days in the city every chance we get!  I have heard wonderful things and am eager to give the massage a try!  Like I have said before, I am leaving no rock unturned on this cycle.  I want to go into my next transfer knowing everything was done to increase my chances for success!   Also, it’s not like you have to pull my arm for acupuncture or massage anyways.  ;-)

Pat and I were given our consent forms this week to complete and get notarized, yet another time.   Here we are faced with our major decisions for our upcoming procedure in the not-so-distant future.  It is becoming very real again.  I am excited, yet nervous…   Cautiously optimistic is the best way to put it into words.   

I am a new, recharged, rejuvenated Katie.  I am all-around in a better state to find success.  I feel this is the one!  :)

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