Monday, May 16, 2011

All Systems Are Go!

It is weird that when this day came, I thought I would feel the same as before.  I feel 100% different than the first time it came around.  Sure I feel excited, a little scared even.  But most of all - this calming optimism.  I am not sure if it is because this is not my first rodeo, or that I know my support system grows by the day, or even just that I am ready and relaxed – leaning on prayer and spiritual guidance, along with the wisdom every IVF patient soaks up through the tribulation.  My mindset is in a different place.  I believe my coping mechanisms have strengthened.  I have found better strategies and solutions to difficulties I experienced before.  Most of all, I am excited of course! 

Pat is excited as well.  He has put on his “injection hat” and is geared to go…Now that he does research in the lab at Rush for his Masters project, I feel I am his at-home science project based off our latest conversations.  Haha It is kind of humorous to hear our conversations.  If only you could be a fly on the wall...he likes to request all my lab results and have them at home to read and analyze.  I guess it is good practice for him!  ha

Blood level results and ultrasound looked great!  Shanon, my nurse, even commented that it is even a BETTER starting point and the little break we took did my body good so far!  Always good to hear coming from her…being that I trust her with my life.  Not much to update, but wanted to share everything is looking good!  Even the smallest of good news is always worth celebrating!  Something I have learned over the last several months. 

It is refreshing to have our dates all laid out!  So much to look forward to, but definitely taking it one week at a time...

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