Friday, March 23, 2012

Swollen Feet and Pregnancy Fun!

swollen foot next to my mom's foot

I am now into my 17th week of pregnancy and I am feeling flutters more often (mostly at night!) Also, I am experiencng swollen ankles! I have been pretty bsy at work so I have been distracted and not realizing my changing body liteally changes daily! At the end of the work day on Monday, I looked at my feet and my foot was swollen. It looked like an elephant's foot! My sister Kayla is getting married next year and all my sisters and mom met at Davids bridal to check out some dresses. I showed my sisters and mom and they said to call the doctor on-call just to be sure everything was ok being it was so soon to be experiencing this. To me, nothing really matters, I have a high tolerance of pain and any achy symptoms for that matter. The doctor immediately called me back and said to come to the office in the AM just to rule out preeclampsia. I went in and everything was fine. She did say since I am carrying twins, I will experience things sooner. This is just one of those things. She said otherwise I am looking great and appear in good shape! Phew! I am now instructed to sit and elevate when possible. Plus the nurses I work with take good care of me while I am at work. :)

16.5 weeks!

Tomorrow, Pat and I have our gender determination scan at Stork Snapshots! Finally we will hear the confirmation on the genders! We are inviting the grandparents to get a sneak peek at their grandchildren and to be there when we hear the confirmation of the genders. Also, we are going to announce their names! We just can't keep them in anymore. We want to be able to buy them personalized things for their nursery and call them by name at home and not worry if we slip in front of somebody! I feel it will make them even more real to us!  Plus, I feel I am already getting to know their personalities based on when they flutter.  It is funny because Pat even asks "Is ______ fluttering up a storm right now. I know he/she likes that."  So much fun in store...I will keep everybody posted! I love all the fun milestones of pregnancy!


  1. I think you swallowed a volleyball....You might want to get that checked out! :)

  2. Meeting the grandbabies tomorrow for the sneak peak is an awesome event! Ever sooooooo excited to be grandparents once again. The excitement never changes as the family grows. My heart is fluttering! :)

  3. Love the feet picture!