Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pants are getting tighter...

Well I am 11w2d pregnant and am noticing my pants are getting more snug this week in my waistline!! :)Nothing too noticeable to the outside world yet, but it is noticeable to me.  My co-workers are stunned I am still not showing because there are 2 in there, but apparently, this is normal.  Most people don't start showing with twins until 12 weeks or more with their first pregnancy.  I can tell when I sit down especially. My poor pants... maybe we should go buy some maternity pants to have on standby for what is to come. I think the next few weeks should be interesting in the growing department. I have a feeling it is just going to catch me off guard...time to start looking for styles and sales! :)

As of right now, my co-workers have started a gender poll. So that has been fun. It is interesting to hear what people feel I am going to have. They are taking my symptoms, my physical appearance, and anything else goofy you can think of and factoring it. It has been of right now the majority of all votes have been 1 of each. It is almost unanimous. As for me and my guesses, I really do not know! I thought I had such a strong feeling on the whole 1 of each thing, but I don't know anymore...I have been having lots of baby dreams lately all of which are different genders. I guess as of right now, I have no guess. hmmm....the mystery lives on...we plan on finding out in March. Being that I see an OB and a specialist (periontologist) I get double the ultrasounds, so I am figuring a gender scan at an outside ultrasound vendor won't be necessary. It looks like we will be seeing doctors twice in March. Also, I think we are strategically going to schedule them. ;-)  If all else fails, we will schedule a gender scan appointment. Either way, we just can't wait to call them by their names instead of "Baby A" and "Baby B".

My symptoms are slowly starting to drift away...Eating has not been such an obstacle this week! Which makes me even that much more excited for Pat and my "Valentine's Day Surprise" in the city this weekend! (I can't wait!!!) I hope this means clear skies are ahead! Tuesday marks the beginning of our 2nd trimester (time is flying!!), which means the nausea and fatigue should slowly start getting better! yahoo!!

I will have more updates soon...(maybe even some pictures?)


  1. You need to do the rubber band trick with your pants. Jayne did it with hers! Then you can still wear your pants and NOT be uncomfortable! :)

  2. So excited for you! Glad you are feeling better! Can't wait to hear more about your journey. Twins are so special!

  3. Ohhhh you are a trooper! I was in leggings or maternity stuff right after IVF!!! :) There was no way I was buttoning anything :)