Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feelings on Genders

I am now in my 13th week and feeling pretty good! I have been experiencing alot of stretching in my uterine area. Mainly it comes after meal times...At times, it can get intense. I was in bed over the weekend, and could not lie still! Pat asked if everything was ok and I said yeah, but I can feel some type of growing pain going on in there. The doctor said I may feel some discomfort once I start growing and she was right! I am def feeling it! Overall, it is tolerable and makes me feel good things are progressing forward. All these physical feelings are just a miracle in itself. I love every pain, discomfort, ache, etc. Pregnancy is just so amazing!

As for finding out the gender, we have our gender scan appointment scheduled in lombard at stork snapshots in March! Pat and I were thinking about having a "Gender Reveal" party with our close family and friends as kind of a fun way to share the happy news with everybody. I found some neat ideas on Pinterest and was getting excited about planning a party, but then realized we may find out while BOTH our parents were on vacation for Spring Break. So we opted to invite the grandparents to our gender scan appointment to hear the news with us. (Aunts and Uncles are welcome to join as well!) So no gender reveal party, but will have a fun, exciting experience learning the news together. Also, we will be sharing the names once we hear the news! Until then, our lips are sealed! :)

As for my feelings on what the genders are....hmmm...well I have been feeling more on the boy level...(I know, I am all over the place!) I am still feeling boy/girl quite strongly. Time will tell! I am getting more and more anxious to find out the genders to start shopping for clothes/nursery items and getting our registry started! Oh the excitement of it all...Summer just can't come soon enough!

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