Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our Initial Consult with Dr. Scheiber :)

Well, our initial consult with Dr. Scheiber at IRH in Cincy could not have gone any better!  Pat and I knew from the second we walked in that we felt so comfortable and knew we were in such great hands.  We finally were able to experience all the wonderful things we have heard from several Chicago couples about Dr. Scheiber. 

First thing in the morning, Pat had some initial testing to do.  We got that knocked out in the morning to have the results later in the afternoon.  In between appointments, we did a little shopping at the local mall.  We had fun.  We couldn't stop chatting about how different things already seemed with a new doctor, new lab, new everything. 

We returned in the afternoon to speak with the doctor...he invited us in to sit on the couch in his office (like it was so casual...ha).  He was cracking jokes as we went over his medical questions with us.  Our personalities clicked right away.  We went over the gazillion questions I had for him as we start on our next venture with this.  He pulled up my questions from his email account (because I emailed all my questions 1 week prior because I am that crazy!)  He went over each one in great detail.  His answers were exactly what we wanted to hear.  IRH does things so much different than FCI.  I have been so used to do things a certain way here in Chicago than Cincy.  It is amazing how practices differ so much.  As we were finishing up he asked to to a physical exam in the ultrasound room.  Get this - the DOCTOR does the ultrasound!  Yes, the doctor does the ultrasound!  He said he wants to visually see everything and not hear it from a tech.  LOVE THIS!  He was talking to me the entire time as he did the physical exam saying everything looked perfect and could not have asked for a better patient....  :)  He then wanted to to a practice transfer so he knew all the details of my uterus.  He wanted to get me sized for a catheter to fit my uterus and the best location to place the embryos for the real deal.  Each person gets a catheter fitted to their uterus.  He was telling the nurse in the room my measurements to have ready for me for my transfer.  This was new to me, but I liked the sound of it!  As we were finishing up we went over how we would do the monitoring in Chicago and he said he really does not need to do much with me.  He is more concerned with the egg donor's monitoring.  He says he only needs to check me once before we drive down for transfer on the 13th day and I can have that done anywhere in Chicago.  It was weird to hear him say just once without any concern.  He feels there will be no issues.  Also - he has me on a different med protocol.  I think it sounds fantastic.  The more he talked about his opinions on things - the more confident we got.  We both felt like we were in great hands with Dr. Scheiber.

We then met with Lizzie West - the egg donor coordinator.  She will be the liaison between us and our "known egg donor"  We went over all the details that we needed to know for our upcoming cycle.  As we were chatting with Lizzie, we had more questions to ask Dr. Scheiber.  So Lizzie asked him to come into her office - and he came in right away and stayed until we were finished.  We felt like we were his only was such a feeling of relief.  We truly felt so special.  I have never met a doctor like this in ANY of my medical history experiences.  As for our "egg donor" she is very excited to get things moving along.  I like having a friend going through this simultaneously with me.  I can already feel a bond.

By the end of our appointment - we had our game plan set and in motion.  I will be having an outpatient surgery done next week to take pictures of my uterus using a scope.  It is called a hysteroscopy.  I will be put to sleep for this procedure just to make sure I am still and my muscles do not tense as it is going to be very uncomfortable.  It is nothing serious.  Dr. Scheiber says he doesn't expect to find anything except he wants to go in there to "roughin up my uterus"  to increase my chances.  I told him no need to say more - we are on board with increasing our chances!  I want Dr. Scheiber to do it in Cincy - no doubt about it.  I just feel so comfortable with him.  There is just something about him that really clicks with me.  So far - I am real excited about what is to come.

He did say towards the end of our conversation that he has now had several couples from Chicago come and he has been able to get all of them pregnant.  I thought that was a bold statement, but it is true.  Every couple we know from Chicago who was sent to him has gotten pregnant.  I responded - well, that is why we are here!  hahaha  I hope we can join your Chicago success club.  He said I have no doubt you will.  He said my only rule is that you have to promise to send me pictures of your big pregnant belly throughout your pregnancy.  Also - you will have to come in and visit while you are pregnant when you are in town visiting family and send pictures of your baby or babies to keep us updated and to hang on the wall of success stories.  He gave us a 65-70% chance of success.  Which was higher than we had in Chicago?  We will take that!

As you can tell - the tone of this post is very optimistic about all of new changes.  We are eager to start.  We know we are working with such a great staff out in Cincy.  We feel confident in them and truly believe they will help us bring our baby home.  We are starting sooner than we originally thought.  Another wonderful surprise.  Dr. S said you did plenty of mock cycles in Chicago - I just want to get you going.  You are ready.  Pat and I looked at each other with our hands laced together and both said non verbally with our we go again....buckle your seat belt...let's do this - this is it.

Keep us in your prayers for my upcoming procedure.  Things are moving right along...


  1. Katie, I am so so so excited about your cycle. I am going to send a copy of our brand new yoga DVD companion to Fully Fertile to you to try out. Pat can even join you now that he's an accomplished yogi :-)

    I look forward to following your cycle here. Peace, Beth

  2. Definitely praying for you Katie! Can't wait to here about your BFP!! Best of luck!