Friday, December 10, 2010


As I am continuing forward on our journey, I have been advised that being stress-free is essential from this point forward.  I have been reading forums and talking to others  about their best de-stressing strategies.  I have been going shopping (which gets expensive!) after work to clear my mind.  I think just walking around and being around Christmas shoppers is relaxing to me.  I have been cleaning and doing mini projects around the house every night which is very nice being so productive!  Also, after Birdies for Babies, a program called Circle + Bloom (  reached out to me to try their product.  My response is of course, I will try anything!  I recently tried it and it was AMAZING!  Circle + Bloom is a download that you put on your iPod.  It is a total body relaxation.  I found that it cleared my mind and went into a state of deep relaxation.  I have never ever been that relaxed in my entire life.  I listen to it occasionally before bed.  I find it very soothing and calming.  I see the importance of trying to stay relaxed during this process.  Stress is the enemy;  Good and Bad stress… you can’t win!  Haha  I have to try and keep my excitement and despair to a minimum to maintain the equilibrium.  Very hard for me being that I am an anxious person by nature.  Keeping our fingers crossed and keep the prayers going…


  1. that have happened these past months!! Its hard to not stress but again when you feel it coming on think of the great moments you had at your wedding think of those precious moments to come and keep positive and thinking about those little miracles that will soon be in your arms!! Stay positive and everything is going to be great xoxo Emily :)!

  2. sorry my whole comment didnt show up lol I said when you feel the stress coming on think of all the things .....and then continued into the message above ;)