Thursday, December 29, 2011

Being Pregnant :)

Well, now I have been pregnant for just about 2 weeks.  All I can say is that I am loving every second of it.  I am realizing I worry about whatever is in my tummy 24/7.  Apparently, this is what motherhood is all about, so I hear...and this is just the beginning! haha  My mom laughs at me and my worries.  Anyways, my symptoms have remained the same.  However, I am more fatigued and more nauseous.  I am on the verge of gagging every time I eat.  LOVING it though!  I can sleep all day every day...even sitting up. My temp is still always 99.5.  I feel like a walking furnace. :)  Also, at work one of the physical therapists I work with was with a patient walking down the hallway.  As I walked by she looked at me and whispered, "Are you pregnant?" I said why do you say that?  She said I can see it in your are on the verge of throwing up and my posture was leaning forward.  You just look a little different than your everyday self.  I laughed and said wow, that was impressive! and yes, I do feel sick and sleepy.  She said she has a sixth sense for this.  Apparently, she does!  Also - my lower abdomen is completely bloated!  It is too early for a baby bump just yet...but for those that know what is going on knows I am extremely bloated and definitely is not subtle, which is OK with me. :)

I have been feeling some stretching in my uterine area, especially last night.  From what I hear, that is a good thing! I have called the nurses at IRH twice now asking for an earlier ultrasound because I am now 5w3d and Jan 6th I will be about 6.5 weeks.  They said I will not see much before that and that it will be worthwhile to wait since my numbers were so high...there is no doubt.  So I wait...and I am finally ok with waiting on this end of the spectrum.  I can't wait to see what is inside me.  It already is such an amazing feeling.  I already know I am going to need to bring the tissues with me to the ultrasound...January 6th can't come soon enough! :)

For now I just put my hands on my tummy, and rub my baby(s) and just wonder what I will see on Jan 6.  I am going to enjoy every step of this pregnancy and not rush or wish time to pass.  I am right where I have wanted to be for a long time now.  Life is good and could not be any better right now.


  1. So exciting! Maybe you'll see 2!

  2. Katie, I just get goose bumps reading your blog. The joy you are feeling just flies off the page! We are so very happy for you and Pat. This time of year is simply delicious for that snoozy, woozy feeling. Short days and long snuggly nights make it easy to take the time you need to rest. Peace, Beth

  3. Congrats and happy womb reading.