Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Is Your Mama a Llama?

I thought this video was pretty interesting considering we are about to have an egg donor cycle!  I have always wondered how this process will affect the child later in their life (especially the teenage years).  I have always been at peace with this decision, because I never had a decision in the process.  Everything was decided for me when I was a child.  I had a decade and some years to understand and accept this situation for what it was, and I have.  I feel extremely lucky I still have options available to me.  To me, it was always, this is a miracle that I would be even able to carry a baby with all the scientific advances and techniques we have available to us.  After watching a short interview with an egg donor child, it answers some of my questions I did have.  Of course all situations are different and all people differ with how they feel or what they share, but watching this video brings comfort to me.  This is an extremely prevelant avenue to explore and used to increase chances for IVF couples.  The statistics are in our favor.  A family is a family no matter how they come to be.  I think the child really gets a good sense of how badly they were really wanted before they were even conceived, and that is a pretty cool feeling.  :)

After speaking with several psychologists about this topic, we were asked how and when we would share the truths about our conception story with our future child(ren).  We both had the same early as possible.  Being on the same page with this makes life so much easier.  The sooner the better for everybody!  Having secrets only confuses everybody.  As stated in the video, we want our children's identity to be known from a very early age so they didn't have to figure it all out later in life.  We want our child to have a full understanding of how they came to be and to always be able to ask us questions about it whenever the questions would surface.  Being open and honest is what we feel is the best policy for us!

Interview with an Egg Donor Child

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  1. I was always told I didnt grow in mommys tummy but in her heart and was told from the very begining as a baby and was always told how special I was and that I came in my parents Christmas stocking, once I got a little older I asked well why was I special how did I come in your Christmas stocking and then I was able to know & understand what my parents had meant I truly learned just how special I was so I always knew from day one, and to this very day I dont look at the women who birthed me (i'm adopted as you know) but To this day I dont look at the lady who birthed me as my biological mother but as a serogate who god chose only to carry me for my parents where I was always meant to be <3 When people ask oh do you want to meet your birth mother I say well I see her everyday and i say its my mom my mom who has raised me she may not share the same blood but we share the same heart and I have no interest in meeting nor finding the women who carried me as she was chosen by god to carry me and place me in the arms of my parents where I was meant to be :)The same as your egg donor she was chosen special from god to place those embyros exactly where they belong he chose her specially for you and its where those babies/baby where meant to be, I think with donor eggs its similar in a way and a great way to approach (my opinion) is to say from the begining you where always meant for mine and daddys arms you are very special and you and mommy share the same heart and when they start asking well why how do we share the same heart at that time when they are so little and asking questions you can finally share just how special they are and all your pictures and even read some of your touching blogs <3 your baby/babies are already blessed with so much love and they will always know how special they are and sharing early even as a infant is best :)